The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara Presents -  78 Years of Diving and Discovery Art Show 
November 10-12, 2023

All artwork is for sale. 20% of sales will go to Ocean Futures Society to support their mission and programs.

The Ocean Future Society Mission is to explore the global ocean, inspiring and educating people worldwide to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean’s vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet.

Please text 310.970.4141 and a representative will meet you in the Lobby to answer any questions and to help with purchases of artwork.

Featured Artists:

Havilah Abrego


Havilah is an artist, scuba diver, and young marine scientist. She began painting as a young child under the guidance of her father, while also spending her days studying and exploring the ocean, the life source of her inspiration. After moving to Ventura, California to begin her academic career, she continued to hone her own painting techniques and began interpreting her experiences with the ocean through her creative work.

Havilah quickly tapped into a powerful connection between her life as a scientist and her voice as a painter. She now works to cultivate the relationship between both disciplines, while using the power of art to encourage the global community to create positive change for the natural world, in an effort to bridge the gap between art and science.

Mother and Calf  

24x36in  acrylic on canvas 


Divine Intervention 

15x30in acrylic on canvas 


Blue Nettle

 12 x 24 inches

Acrylic on Canvas (glow-in-the-dark)


Benjamin Anderson



Benjamin Anderson trained in Florence, Italy, and the SF Academy of Art University (BFA). Known for his works of swimmers and objects submerged in water, Anderson has also been recognized for his portraiture by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. He has shown work nationally and internationally including solo and group exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Venice and Los Angeles. He currently works and lives in Santa Barbara, Ca.

‘Whale’s Song’ 

60 x 72in

Oil on linen 2023



48 x 60in 

Oil on linen 2023



Ron Anderson


From an early age, Ron Anderson gravitated towards the visual arts and
has never left that path. From the UC Santa Barbara Art Department in
the late ‘60s, he launched into the art world and has never stopped exploring.

Over the last fifty years, he’s created traditional painting, abstract work, three-dimensional mixed media, and a unique body of work
which he calls “three-dimensional paintings”. With his work collected by public institutions, corporate, and private
collectors throughout the world, his work has garnered him both recognition and awards.

Island Perfection 

25.5 x 35 inches

oil on canvas, framed 2006


Ernie Brooks (1935-2020)

Known throughout the international diving industry simply as “Ernie,” his career accomplishments and contributions encompassed underwater photography, education, environmental advocacy, mentorship, philanthropy, ocean conservation, all of which were combined in his role as an ambassador for the oceans.

His diving career took him under the polar ice caps, and into every ocean. His brilliant photography was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Man, the National Maritime Museum, the Smithsonian, and numerous other international museums and galleries.


28 X 39
Black & White Photograph
Historic & Collectible 

Ira Meyer


Now collected worldwide, Ira’s work has been published on the cover of the Turkish version of National Geographic’s Climate Change special edition, in National Geographic’s Atlas of Natural America, on the cover of Yosemite National Park’s calendar, as the Nature Conservancy’s holiday card, as CD and video art, in the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, on several book covers and a variety of magazines.

Scalloped Iridescent Iceberg – Port Charcot, Antarctica

Photograph, Dye-sublimated on Chromalux aluminum 15×36 inches 


Marguerite Bay Sunset  – Marguerite Bay, Antarctica

Photograph, Dye-sublimated on Chromalux aluminum 18×27 inches



Alternate sizing available on request

Sunset: Dorian Bay – Dorian Bay, Antarctica

Photograph, Dye-sublimated on Chromalux aluminum 18×27 inches



Alternate sizing available on request

Robert Lyn Nelson


A passionate conservationist, and considered a visual activist, Robert has raised millions of dollars for non-profit environmental organizations. Robert has dedicated his life’s efforts to building concern, and more importantly inspiring a call-to-action to protect nature & animals through his art. The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, which he co-founded along with Jean-Michel Cousteau, remains steadfast in its mission to preserve the health of the ocean for generations to come. 

Water Under the Heaven 

Acrylic on canvas 

Price on Request

Rare opportunity to collect this work from the Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures Society Private Collection. Please ask to meet Jean-Michel in person to discuss provenance. 

Click here for Jean-Michel’s comments on Robert’s work and life. 

Planetary Choir with Palau Coin

(1993) by Robert Lyn Nelson is a Limited Edition Fine Art Mixed Media Print on Paper Numbered in Sequence out of a total Edition Size of 1000 and is Hand Signed by the Artist. Measures approx. 16.5″ X 20″ Framed 25”x 21.”


Please ask to meet Jean-Michel in person to discuss provenance. 

Margery Spielman

Margery Spielman is a philosophical artist, whose work reflects life’s interconnections.

Her painting are visual adventures—the longer you explore them, the more you discover.


Parc Oceanique Cousteau 
Historic Collectible*
Archival Framing 

From the Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures Society Private Collection, available for acquisition.
*This information for the commemorative historic image by Margery Spielman Parc Oceanique Cousteau is historical. 
Jean-Michel has a long history of innovative design in the field of architecture and the ocean. Acting on a childhood dream to build cities under the sea, he pursued a degree in architecture from the Paris School of Architecture and remains a member of the Ordre National des Architectes. He directed the design and development of the Parc Oceanique Cousteau opened in 1989 in Paris, pioneering an innovative public attraction to teach visitors about the ocean without the display of captive marine animals. 

Carrie Vonderhaar

Known for her insight and ability to captivate audiences with emotional imagery of wildlife and conservation issues, Carrie Vonderhaar has been photographing her subjects, under water and on land, for over two decades.

She is Chief Expedition Photographer for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society and a key character from the PBS television series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures

Beautiful Demons The Humboldt Squid – 60 x 60 inches Photograph on Canvas 
Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary Sea of Cortez, Mexico 
On expedition Jean-Michel Cousteau asked the Intrepid Marine Biologist Master Diver Holly Lohuis and Photographer Carrie Vonderhaar to boldly go in search of the elusive squid with the bad reputation capable of dragging divers into deep water. 
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